Check These Fast Facts About Epsom Salt!

Epsom salt is one of the best wellness products you can have in the bathroom. The name ‘Epsom’ comes from a place in England, where it was found in natural springs. Today, Epsom salt is found in many parts of the world and is also known as magnesium sulfate. Most of the bath salts available in the market today contain Epsom salt. However, do not confuse this with Dead Sea salt. Dead Sea salt contains a blend of different natural substances and miners, which are specifically found in Dead Sea.

Below are some of the things worth knowing about Epsom salt.

  • It is great for sore muscles. Yes, you read it right. Epsom salt is ideal for anyone who is suffering from muscle and joint pain. If you are someone who likes to work hard in the gym, a session of soaking in warm water containing Epsom salt can make a huge difference after your training session. It is also a good choice for people who have pain related to arthritis.

  • Most bath salts, at least the luxury ones, that contain Epsom salt also have something known as dendritic salt. This salt doesn’t work like Epsom salt, but helps in keeping the blend intact. If you are buying bath salts for the first time, do check the ingredient list in detail to know the product better.
  • When it comes to bath salts, it is always better to go for natural mixes. Apart from Epsom salt, bath salts may contain some of the essential oils, which helps in moisturizing the skin. It is wise to go for products that contain natural ingredients such as coconut oil and almond oil, because these also nourish the skin and detoxes the body.

  • The brand of the bath salt is extremely important. You need to choose one that uses the right mix of natural ingredients. You will be surprised to find that there are brands that produce Epsom salt products for men only. These don’t have the feminine scents, so if you are buying something special for yourself or want to gift someone, such products are ideal.
  • Epsom salt may promote good sleep and is good for the skin. The magnesium and sulfate in the product enters the skin through pores and induces a sense of calmness. Bath salts that are dark in color are better for relaxing.

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