Divorce without a lawyer in Florida

If you are thinking about the possibility of the title, then yes, it is possible to get divorce without a lawyer in Florida. It is usually recommended to seek legal counsel if you have children under the age of 18 years or have assets to protect, before you file for divorce.

In case you are splitting with your spouse amicably, there are no reasons why you may need an attorney. You and your spouse can file for divorce in Florida if there is no dispute over the kids or the property. What you will simply need are the right documents and their submission in the court to get the divorce.

Essentials of getting divorce without a lawyer

Before filing for the simplified divorce, you must ensure that you both qualify for the divorce. The conditions to be checked are as follows:

  1. You and your spouse must have been Florida residents for at least 6 months before filing for the divorce
  2. The marriage must be broken irrevocably
  3. You or your spouse must have been mentally incapacitated for three years prior to filing for divorce
  4. You must not have children, natural or adopted under the age of 18 years
  5. You must not be expecting a new child when you are filing for divorce

If you and your spouse have mutually agreed on all arrangements, you can file for an uncontested divorce. Usually it is the property that becomes a bone of contention for both parties at the time of hearing. You must get all things settled with your spouse over the distribution of the property and the custody of the children before you file your papers.

In case there are any objections raised at the time of hearing from any of the partners, the petition for divorce would be disqualified.

On the contrary, if all things are clear and okay with your spouse, you will have to sign a joint petition for the dissolution of marriage.

Take the Help of Online Divorce

Online Divorce can help you with all the papers and documents required for filing the divorce. The ready-to-file state specific papers simply need to be filled by the petitioners. Instructions on how to fill the forms is provided by our experts. In case you need any additional help or instructions in understanding and filling the papers, we provide it as well.

You can get the papers online and there is a single flat fee for accessing the documents by both spouses. Therefore, you can get and file papers at your own pace right from the comfort of your home.

In addition, our fee for all divorce related work and service starts from as low as $139. This is very reasonable as compared to what attorneys charge.

Once all the papers are in place, duly filled and signed, we file them in the court for divorce. On approval, you are given a date by the court when you must appear with your spouse to sign the final divorce papers.