Hero Destini 125 To Launch During 2018 Festive Season

Scouters are increasingly becoming popular among road users not only in India, but also in the rest of the world. Good news to scooter lovers is that the new Hero Destini 125 is expected to be launched on September 2018 after its initial revelation at Autoexpo 2018. The Hero bikes price is affordable for every user who may need to purchase it. It is integrated with the Hero’s i3’s technology that will undoubtedly make it loved by many once it is launched.

In a recap, the new Hero Destini 125 boasts of a front apron with a final touch of chrome. This makes it fit its intended launch function, a family scooter. It will also come with a dual seat and a silver coat at the front and sides. Its conventional design language and some premier add in eloquently speak of it all.

Hero Destini 125 comes with a digital console that has an unbeatable feature. The console has an auto reminder of service. It also has an external fuel tank. This puts it in a pole position to compete with past scooter releases from Honda and TVS and the Suzuki Access 125. The sophisticated console itself is surely a trademark of this scooter and Heros i3s technology.

Other features that cannot go unsaid include an under seat light that will undoubtedly make it an exquisite look in the night. A mobile charging port is also available, adding to the improved efficiency and a homely convenience while in the move. Consequently, it will not be surprising to see the new Hero Destini 125 outsmart its rivals and fill showrooms immediately after its release.

The Hero Destini 125 is propelled by a strong 125cc engine that produces 8.7 PS energy and a torque of about 10.2Nm. The engine will also be among the Maestro edge 125. The scooter also has telescopic forks at the front and hydraulic thrust at the rear for propulsion. Hero Destini 125 is expected to be durable and give you service that makes every cent spend on its count. This gives it a cut above the rest.

In terms of braking, the new Hero Destini 125 halts through a drum unit on both the front and back. It has an additional brake disc at the front that can be used for rider’s convenience. This adds onto the sturdy and reliable drum braking system for Hero Destini 125. Undoubtedly, it has a sophisticated braking system that guarantees safety.

Hero Destini 125 also has an LCD backlight and a remote key. The assortment of features gives the scooter a mature look and an unquestionable efficiency. The quality and class of the scooter are undoubtedly at the peak and scooter lovers will certainly be beckoned by it.

The new Hero bikes price is expected to cost 48000 Indian rupees after its unveiling. This is a reasonable price for the scooter owing to its unbelievable features. It is surely is worth this price.

The long wait since its initial revealing at the Auto export this year is finally over. The wait which has seen the name of the new scooter change from Hero Duet 125 to Hero Destini 125 ends this September. With most of the exhilarating features, if the scouter contained herein, you can easily decide if to grab one once it is officially out.