How to Plan a Fun Birthday Party for Your Kids (Even on a Small Budget)

It won’t be long before your child’s birthday arrives. You usually celebrate the occasion with a special dinner, a nice gift, and perhaps some cake and ice cream, however, this year is different. It’s a milestone year and you want them to have a party to celebrate with friends and family. The only trouble you’re having is that the date is around the corner and you don’t have any funds to work with.

Fortunately, parents have been pulling off the perfect birthday celebrations for their kids for years without going too deep into debt. Here are some suggestions on how to keep your party on a budget.

Borrow Some Cash

Don’t ever bite off more than you can chew, but if you don’t have much extra money to contribute to a party you could borrow the cash. You can ask relatives to pitch in or use the funds from an approved short term loan to tide you over. You can pay the money back in installments that are conducive to your budget.

Have it Home

You might be tempted to find the most popular kids venue to host your child’s birthday party, but it can get expensive. You could be paying $20 per child or more for them to attend the event. It would be best to have the party at home. If you have a spacious backyard or finished basement those are open canvases for putting together a kid’s party. If you don’t, you can ask a friend or relative to use their place.

Make the Food (Keep it Simple)

Instead of springing for a caterer or ordering expensive takeout, make the food yourself. Kids really are picky eaters and will also be doing a lot of running around so whatever you make should be simple. You could do hotdogs and fresh veggies and fruit, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken fingers and fries, or sandwiches. If you’re not the best chef, you could always ask a friend or family member to pitch in.

Order Decorations and Favors

Don’t go to a local party or department store to spend unnecessary money on party favors and decorations. Ordering online is a lot more convenient and will save you money. You can find just about any color, character, or theme online for a deal. You can also order things in bulk which tends to make them a lot cheaper.

Think of Affordable Entertainment

Obviously, you’ll have to keep the kids entertained during the party. However, that doesn’t mean you have to hire some expensive form of entertainment. You could set up an arts and crafts table, make an outdoor obstacle course, buy a new video game and controllers, pull out the board games, or stream popular movies. Each of these ideas is fun but don’t cost a lot to set up.

Planning the perfect birthday party for your kid doesn’t have to mean renting out the most popular venue, spending money on fancy food (that they probably won’t even eat), or investing in high-priced entertainment. With a bit of creativity and help from friends and family you could throw a birthday party they’ll remember, without spending too much cash.