What Are Carpenter Ants and Are They Harmful to Us?

Carpenter ants are a kind of common pests that can often invade our home. Depending upon their species they can either be reddish brown or dull black in colour. Like any other kind of ants, carpenter ants too can have thorax, head and abdomen. Their head consist of a set of mandibles which can open almost like scissors and has a pair of antenna-shaped in the front side. They have six legs which is attached to thorax and their abdomen and thorax is separated by a narrow abdomen.

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If you want to identify the carpenter ants then just look at their petiole and their thorax. Its petiole has a single node and that makes the area between abdomen and thorax like a small notch. There are other kind of worker ants which also looks quite similar to carpenter ants that has got two-node petioles. Also, if you look at carpenter ants then you will notice that their thorax is evenly rounded and any other kind of ants have bumpy thorax. Sometimes it is difficult to identify carpenter ants unless you see them very closely.

In the north American region, carpenter ants are of largest variety. Another worker ant that you can often find in your house can be of anything between 6.5 mm to 13 mm in length. Though carpenter ants are usually larger in size however depending upon their species they can be of different sizes too. The sizes of workers may also fluctuate depending upon their species.

During summer months, you can also notice winged carpenter ants. People often mistake them with termites however winged carpenter ants have narrow waists and elbowed antennae. Also, their front wings are longer as compared to hind wings. Those who are female winged carpenter ants, are much larger than worker carpenter ants. They can measure anything between 20 to 25 mm long.

Do they harm us?

They have very powerful jaws and it can cut wood too but they generally don’t bite humans unless they are threatened. If they bite then they can inject formic acid that may cause burning sensation. Usually, the reaction of their bite is mild however it can vary from person to person.

They love to chew wood and if they infest house they can make serious damage to your wooden items. Therefore, if they are noticed they must be removed from the premises immediately.