What Are The Psychological Problems That Lead To Erectile Dysfunction?

The physical heath is always not responsible for the loss of libido or male sexual problems like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Many men suffer from different psychological problems that lead them to face embarrassing situations like erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems. Visiting sexologists or therapists can be helpful for normal sex lives.

Also, the partners are expected to be supportive and instead of annoying, they should comfort their better halves to deal with the crises situation smartly. Often some couples and married couples break up on the “no-sex” grounds. But, it is a matter of time being which can be sorted by proper consultation, medication and therapies.

Here, some psychological problems of men are mentioned in the following that will help you in understanding how these issues cause anxiety in men causing to erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders—

Stress and anxiety

Work related stress and anxiety in personal life often cause trouble in men’s lives. Somehow this psychological discomfort adversely or directly affects their sex lives. Constant stress and anxiety are also responsible for the erectile dysfunction causing to more stress for men. If it is not treated on time, this can become a chronic sexual disorder and the man can also suffer from impotency.

To avoid such consequence, it is strongly advised to consult a doctor or therapist on time that often suggest taking proper dosage of impotence and harder erections vitamins so that, men suffering from erectile dysfunction can get cured along with therapies and other medication.


Traumatized men often loss their interest for sex. In fact, some of them also can’t hold the erection for the sufficient amount of time they need to reach the climax. This often leads to the extreme dissatisfaction of their wives or partners expecting to reach the orgasm pretty soon. This is the exact time when they need couple’s counseling or the men are supposed to consult a good psychiatrist.

Low self-esteem

Often low self-esteem of men because of small penis can become a huge problem that often results to erectile dysfunction.

Tension of performance

Many men face the anxiety of their performance. In fact, they should relax and do what they can possibly capable of. Instead of taking any stress, they should go with the flow and enjoy the moment. But if things are not happening as expected, it is advised consulting a sexologist for proper therapy and medication.