Where to search for celebrities in Palm springs

Having only been settled in the mid-1800’s Palm Springs has enjoyed a unique history and growth. This growth has encompassed periods of unorganised settlement due to farming and transportation, an influence of money from the rich and famous during the 1920s and 30s, knock on affects from WWII, mob money in the 50s and an emerging retiree and middle-class influx since the 1950s. All of this has helped shape Palm Springs into the resort city it is today. palm springs vacation homes rentals are readily available for those who don’t want to stay in a resort and they can be found throughout the city.

This makes visiting some of the city’s landmarks quite easy. Staying in a resort is always nice, but I find that I never really escape the resort once I am there. Having a vacation home gives you that added freedom.

There are plenty of ways to spend your time in Palm Springs, but we are going to look at a section of the city and once that has probably had the most influence on the city. That is its rich and famous inhabitants.

These people left behind architectural and cultural landmarks for visitors to come and see.Their money and influence helped expend the city into its modern incarnation. I am going to look at some of the places that you might like to visit.

Elvis Presley’s honeymoon hideaway:

The hideaway was once the Las Palmas estate, owned by socialites Robert and Helene Alexander. In the mid-1960s the estate was rented to Elvis and his new wife Priscilla. Nine months after staying in the estate their only daughter Lisa was born.

This and the fact almost anywhere associated with the king has become a cultural landmark made this one of the most important homes for fans of Elvis. Today tours take place in which your guides are a look-alike of either Elvis or his wife. Visitors and told about his life in general and primarily his time in the estate.

Manyvisitors’ reviews have praised the knowledgeable guides and their entertaining tales of Elvis and his life. During the summer months, you may have to pre-book tickets although walk-ins are available.

Like many homes of the era, the unique architectural design is also quite interesting, and you may want to see the house solely for this purpose. Definitely a great way to spend a few hours and get a little history lesson as well.

Palm Springs walk of stars:

 Although not as famous as its counterpart in Hollywood the Palm Springs walk of stars is a great way to learn about and understand the huge number of famous people who have once called this city home. Founded in 1992 the walk is dedicated to present and former residents of the city. These include presidents, actors, literary and business personalities among others.

The walk includes sections of Palm Canyon Drive, Tahquitz Canyon Way, La Plaza Court and Museum Drive. If you find a name that sparks your interest I am sure you can find a knowledgeable local who can point you in the direction of a former home or business.

Also, the walk itself is a great way to see some of the city and you can stop in one or more of the parks along the way.

The getaway locations:

Since the beginning of the celebrity culture in the early 1920s one thing many celebrities have been searching for is privacy. Many of the resorts in Palm springs cater for this specific need and although the privacy may be maintained many of the resorts have become popular spots to try and catch a glimpse of a celebrity. Here are a few locations which are known celebrity hangouts. The best time to visit any of these is during the Palm Springs international film festivals.

The parker:

A favourite among celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg, Beyoncé and Jay Z, and Leonardo DiCaprio The Parker has been home to some scandalous celebrity incidents. This includes the burgeoning romance of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and a drug-induced meltdown by Robert Downey junior. Marlon Brando liked the place so much he once caped in the carpark.

Sherman’s deli:

If all your star hunting has made you a little hungry then you can combine your search with a little snack at Sherman’s Deli. The 1950s New York style deli was opened in the 1950s and became a famous haunt for Elvis and his friends when they visited the city. Which by all accounts was quite often.

You can sit down and enjoy a meal while checking out the gallery of famous faces who may have sat in the same seat you are in. A great combination of American culture, history and gastronomy. One of the most recent clients were Michael Douglas, if it’s that good maybe you should stay for seconds.

Frank Sinatra’s final resting place:

One of the top 10 most visited celebrity graves Frank Sinatra’s final resting place is a popular stop for his many fans. One fan even sends flowers twice a week, although they remain anonymous. Located in Cathedral city it is one of the most visited locations in the city.

Even without the celebrity-hunting aspect of The Parker and Sherman’s deli, there is an abundance of new and old celebrity culture in Palm Springs. It is what has made the city what it is today and should be celebrated, so take your time and enjoy the places you visit.